Monday, March 29, 2010

Mad Men-u

I am having a mad week.  I'm not mad at anyone or anything, it's just crazy busy, a little mad around here.  I forget, until I get busy, how much I miss being busy.  The busyness should be over by Wednesday, and then I should have a few minutes to sit down and plan out a menu and shopping list.  I guess I could have done that instead of writing this blog post, but what fun would that have been?

Part of  the madness of the week includes co-hosting an 80s party tomorrow night for our spouses' group.  I am sure hilarity will ensue.  I am trying to finish up my outfit for the party and am having a really hard time deciding between wearing leggings, or these pants...
Yes, these really are faux, red snake skin pleather pants that haven't seen the outside of my closet since my (I am embarrassed to admit) bachelorette party (I am not embarrassed that they haven't been out in 9 years, but that I wore them at all.  In some kind of alcohol induced haze, I thought they looked pretty hot that night).  Either way I go, I know that my pants will be tucked into these fine looking boots,

Try not to be jealous that I was able to find these lookers on Guam, for a mere $6.  I have also come to the conclusion that there is a very fine line between dressing for an 80s party and looking like a hooker.  I'm just really hoping that I don't trip over that line.  Hopefully, after one or two of these,

if I trip over the line, I won't care too much.  We are even going old school with the drinks and bringing back the wine cooler!  It'll be a fun night for sure.

Speaking of fun nights, I spent mine being an awesome mom and giving Price two pieces of cheese toast with pepperoni and calling that dinner.  He went to bed just fine, but woke up two hours later really hungry.  WHEN WILL I LEARN that taking short cuts with this child on food and sleep usually backfires and makes my life a little more hectic?  I should have known that my growing boy, who is actually 20 months old today, and graduated from a high chair to a booster chair, would probably not get enough sustenance from two pieces of cheese toast.
But even though he was a mad man when he woke up tonight (and I mean mad in the angry sense of the word), if he hadn't woken up I wouldn't have had the chance to rock him back to sleep, and that was by far the best part of my night.  I marvel at how big he's getting and yet how small he still seems and how truly precious he is. 

And speaking of mad men, have you watched Mad Men?  Don and I are both hooked.  We have spent the past two nights watching the first 4 episodes of season 2.  It's a really great show and I am so thankful that my mailman has finally started picking up and delivering our mail on a regular basis so I can get my fix.  I am alternately in love with and loathe with Don Draper, the main character.  I appreciate a good tv show, especially one that is well written and that Don and I can enjoy watching together (there are so many shows on tv that really divide us- he likes Fringe, I like- don't judge me- Real Housewives of any given locale).  I can't wait until our next dvd gets here, because I can't wait to find out what's going to happen.

Hope you have a great week!  I'm off to dream of all things 80s to get me geared up for tomorrow night. And forgive me for not sharing a menu with you today as I've been distracted by a mad little man, Mad Men, and just the madness that is my week.


Kalina said...

I'm just impressed you can still wear the pleather pants. I think I finally gave mine away - it probably made somebody at a thrift store looking for an 80s or a hooker costume really happy. Your party sounds like fun. Are you going to "claw" your hair - please say yes ;)

Jennifer said...

Yeah, I totally teared up when they started breaking open my crates. I had NO IDEA that 'stuff' was so important to me! And I feel you on your netflix issues...we haven't had a problem with the mailman per se, but our land lord was sort of surprised that we want our mail delivered here, so he's trying to track us down a mailbox key. Say what? Uh, yea, we want our mail to get to us...I think that was my first Guam moment. For real.

Terrell said...

Jennifer- if you get an APO box through the base, Target and Kohls will send things to you, if you use your home address they won't :( So maybe if your landlord can't find the key, it won't be so bad after all.

Jennifer Wilmore said...

I SO remember those pants! And I, too, am impressed that you can still wear them! Way to go! I bet you looked all kinds of rad awesome in your getup!

Terrell said...

Kalina and J-Wi- y'all are so kind, but you've probably forgotten that I (unlike most brides) waited until after the wedding to lose weight. So, the pants definitely still fit, but thankfully since I've lost some weight since moving here, they were a little loose.

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