Friday, March 5, 2010

The Blogosphere

I love blogs.  I like reading them and I must admit, I really like writing this one.  You are introduced to all kinds of amazing things when you read blogs.  Today, the introduction was tangible!  After months of living down the street from each other, I FINALLY got to meet one of my blogger buddies, Tessa.  She invited my other blogger buddy (and real life beach buddy, we met in person a few months ago and have hit the beach and other Guam sites together several times) Amy and me to coffee this morning.  It was so nice for the three of us to get together.  It's funny meeting someone in person after months of reading their blog.  I know I got ready for our coffee date with the anticipation of a real date- what will I wear, what will we talk about?  Will we like each other outside of words and pictures?  Will we have anything in common other than our blogs and living the life of a military wife on this crazy little island?  Will we talk about our blogs?  The answer to most (I say most because "yes" isn't a good answer to what will I wear or what will we talk about, unless of course we decided to talk about the musical group Yes, but they never came up in conversation) of the questions was, at least from my perspective, yes.  Luckily, Tessa and Amy are good conversationalists and I batted down my shyness and was just myself.  I figured after baring my soul on this blog for so long, I really couldn't be anybody other than who I  am.  I think we already felt like we knew each other or at least knew what each other had been up to in recent weeks because of our blogs, but that didn't seem to deter our conversations.  We just got to know each other better.  I had a really nice time and am hopeful we will get together again soon, maybe without my child and with some wine or other adult beverage, a girl can dream can't she?

Speaking of blogs, I thought I'd share a few of my other favorites with you (in case you don't have enough to read already).

I read these 4 blogs every night before I go to bed (thank you  iPhone).  Three of them are new additions to my roster:

Jessica Watson  Yes, I'm still slightly obsessed with her solo sailing trip around the world.  Maybe it's because there are times I can't even go to the bathroom by myself, I'm just intrigued by the notion of spending 8 minutes months alone anywhere at sea.

The Livesay (Haiti) Weblog  I began reading this blog shortly after the Haitian earthquake.  The blog is sad, hopeful, wonderfully written.  It also helps me keep things in perspective, sure our clinic may close for a day or two when I have a sick baby, but I still have access to decent healthcare elsewhere on the island.

One Girl  Debra Parker, is a Houston based photographer who recently adopted a Haitian orphan.  You may have seen her family's story on the news when her husband and son were not allowed to leave Haiti.  Her pictures tell many stories and her blog reminds me that good always comes out of bad.

BooMama Have you ever been on a blog and the author mentioned another blog (oh wait, i guess even if you haven't before today and you've read this far down you have yourself been in a similar situation), and you visited that blog and something about the blogger's witty tone or topic keeps you coming back?  Yeah that's what happened here.

These blogs are in my Reader.  I try to catch up with them every few days or so, the problem is my Reader list keeps growing, it seems like I'm adding new blogs on a daily basis.

Cooking/Meal Planning (I have mentioned several of these blogs in previous posts)

Five dollar dinners

I'm an Organizing Junkie I am absolutely NOT an organizing junkie, but she has great menu planning ideas and suggestions.  If one day, Hell freezes and I become truly organized I may look at her site for something besides food.

Smitten Kitchen food porn, that's all I need to say

Cooking During Stolen Moments

Crafts and Home Decorating

Nesting Place  dreaming of a non-Flintstone House, inspiring me and at the same time making my current abode feel somewhat inadequate

Mad in Crafts This is a girl after my own heart, she is creative and frugal.  Her series "The Dollar Barn" made me drool over the fact that she could redo Pottery Barn looks on a Dollar Store budget, well just the fact that she had a Dollar Store close by made me drool, but her inspired looks are great too.

Laginappe (that's Cajun for a little something extra. these blogs are all made up of this and that, mostly mommys blogging about life, food, photography)

Confessions of a Pioneer Woman probably my hands down, all-time favorite blog

She Wears Many Hats  She really does and she takes beautiful pictures and cooks delicious looking food and she's from the South, so we speak the same language.

Oops... the boy is awake (I guess I got more than 8 minutes alone today :).  I'll post more links to other sites I love soon. Do you have any good sites you'd like to share?


frosty said...

it was much fun! & i think a wine/ girls night out is definitely in our future!

GUAMtastic said...

It was so fun!!! I second Amy! Wine for SURE!

Terrell said...

I'm so glad yall had fun too! And I have multiple bottles of wine just waiting to be shared any time you want to come over.

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