Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Pregnant Pause...

Wow, there are some serious cobwebs on this blog.  Sorry about that!  I know it's been a looonnngg time since I last posted.  There's probably not anyone out there even reading this anymore, oh well, I've dusted off the keyboard and am writing once again.

The whole time we were in Japan, I felt a little off.  I attributed it at first to being in anew country and then experiencing a major natural disaster.  But neither of those things should have contributed to my clothes feeling just a teensy bit tighter than normal or feeling a little out of breath holding Price.  So, the first thing I did on our very first morning back home was take a pregnancy test, and lo and behold- two pink lines appeared- immediately!

I immediately told Don and we were both a little bit shocked (we had been trying for a while) and a little scared due to some previous experiences.  And then because I know how the Air Force works, went to get blood work done so they could confirm that I was in fact preggo.  Once they confirmed it, we had a little secret that we only shared with our parents because it was so early.

At first I didn't really feel pregnant, just kind of bloated, but at about week 7 or 8, I was more exhausted than I ever remember feeling and randomly sick- especially when I got hot.  Of course, it was about this time that we kept having random hours long power outages.  Those days went kind of like this: eat, power out, pass out in heat induced coma, wake up, puke, listen to Price sing a song a about Mommy puking, evacuate to nearest beach with bag of pretzels and large bottle of water.  We had still only told a handful of people, those here in Guam who would need to know why I was such a zombie puke head and no longer drinking.

During my 12 week appointment (when I thought I was 12 weeks and 6 days, and thinking how close I was to hitting the end of the first trimester), the doctor told me, either I wasn't as far as long as I thought or there was something seriously wrong with the baby.  He said I was probably only 8 weeks, and I cried, because I was thinking if had to do another 4-6 weeks of the no energy, random puking thing I wasn't gonna make it!  Luckily, I had an ultrasound and I was more like 10 weeks and everything looked good.

But I was too tired to cook dinner, much less blog about any of this. I'm entering my 28th week and feel really good.  I'm being monitored because just like with Price, my blood pressure spikes when I go to the doctor.  Being pregnant here in Guam is different than in the States.  Since we have no seasons, I'm not having to adjust to the heat, my body has just accepted the fact that it's hot ALL.THE.TIME!!

So, here I am.  27 weeks pregnant, feeling the baby (it's a boy, which excites me to no end) move more and more every day.  Price is fascinated with the baby, who he calls Peaches or Boonie Baby, and talks to it and tries to hear if it's crying in my belly.  And he told me that he'd kick the baby back the next time it kicked me. My boobs are more out of control than I ever thought possible, but luckily my hormones don't seem to be as kooky this time around- far less irrational crying fits.

But as the time to meet the new man in our life draws closer, and I think about how hard the first few months of Price's life were for me, I get a little worried.  Luckily, Don will be here this time around and I have a great support system full of awesome women who will help me not beat up on myself too much.
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