Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What We're Eating This Week

Here's this week's menu.  I'm about to go and get caught up on recipes- wish me luck!

Monday- Leftover tuna casserole
Wednesday- Irish Heritage Appreciation Night at the Michaels'- beer soaked brisket, mashed potatoes and cabbage
Thursday- Brisket Soft Tacos
Friday- Terrell no cook on Friday!


Jennifer said...

Hey! Found your blog through blog after blog after blog...anyway, moving to Guam TOMORROW and it's so exciting to "meet" people who are already there! Sorta reassuring to discover that they have internet and electricity and running water...just kidding. Sort of. Love your blog!

Terrell said...

Jennifer- I am so glad you found my blog. I hope your trip goes great tomorrow- it's a long flight, but worth it once you're here and can relax (as much as possible with kiddos) at the beach :) I just read a little of your blog, and it's great! We do have internet, cable and usually even have electricity- sadly no Target or Starbucks (I miss Target the most). I know you're Navy, but if you need ANYTHING- even a fellow SAHM to hang out at the beach with one day, let me know! Guam really is good- once you get used to it :)

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