Friday, April 2, 2010

Dear So and So

Dear Whoever,

Is it whoever or whomever?  I never really know...  Anyway, sorry I haven't posted anything in a while.  As I mentioned earlier this week, it started off crazy busy and never really slowed down.  I finally had a chance to write last night, but it didn't feel right.  I had funny, light hearted things to write about, but there was an ambulance down the street at a house where a baby lives, I have a family member with some concerning health issues, I have a dear friend whose year is off to a rough start, Don's got some work stuff going on.  And all of these things just weighed my heart down a bit and I couldn't muster funny and light.  So, I did the the only thing I could do and said some prayers and counted my blessings.

-The Empathetic One

Dear Other Mothers (and daddies too)-

How do you teach your child to share?  Short of having another brother or sister (which isn't in the cards anytime soon), I don't know what to do.  Price is really me focused, which is, I guess, normal for an only child his age (which is one of the reasons we want him to have a sibling at some point).  But I don't know what to do when we are in a public place and he sees something that belongs to someone else and he just walks up and takes it, even if they are holding it or playing with it.  I try to explain to him he can't, I say no, I remove him and try to get him interested in something else.  I get very frustrated and embarrassed and sometimes I want to swat his hand, but he only does it when we're in public surrounded by other people whose children don't seem to have this problem so I don't want to be labeled as the "mom that hits," plus I really don't want to swat his hand or any other part of his body.  What I really, really want to do is carry him home.  Yet what I don't want to do even more is teach him that he should just pack up and leave every time he doesn't get his way.

Wishing they came with instructions,

PS- To the moms who bring their own toys to the play place, don't be surprised when other kids want to play with the "new" toys, but thanks for being mostly understanding about my little grabby grabberson.

Dear Price,

I sure am sorry that I fed you mold and almost let you drown.  I appreciate that you still love me.

Bet you wish we had to get a license before having you.


Dear Gus the Gecko,

I really don't mind that you have decided to take up residence inside my house.  Some cultures believe it is good luck to have a gecko in the house and I think it's good luck that you're here to eat any bugs that come inside.  However, if I promise to let you stay inside, will you promise to stop sneaking up on me?  And more importantly, will you promise to quit hanging out on my cast iron skillet?  It freaks me out to have you watch me cook.

Slightly ugged out,

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Dear So and So...


Kalina said...

As to the sharing - you just haven't seen these other kids in their glorious moments of not sharing. They all go through it - you're addressing the issue with him -eventually he will get it. It's just a stage - I don't know many kids in that 18-24 month range that are very good at this when it is something that they really want. We had cousins over today and cousin Dylan (age 3) very graciously let Aidan have the Pooh plane when Aidan asked. Aidan however was rude and obnoxious when Dylan asked him to return the favor. Russell told Aidan that if he didn't share he would have to go to timeout to which Dylan replied "It's ok Uncle Russell, he can have it - don't send him to timeout." What a difference a year makes.

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