Monday, March 8, 2010

Mondays, Movies, Monkeys and Menus

Today has been a good day.  So much better than the last Monday when Don was out of town.  He's off Island.   That's Guam lingo for saying he's gone again.  He traded our little island for the bigger island of Oahu.  Poor guy...

Anyway, back to me.  I'm sitting here watching the Oscars.  I'm not really sure why.  I have only seen one movie that is nominated for anything- Up.  By the way, if you haven't seen it, you should- unless you're hormonal or really miss your grandparents.  Even then you should still watch it, just bring extra Kleenex with you.  I digress AGAIN!  I guess I continue to watch the Oscars because I like the pageantry, I LOVE to see the dresses, I like hearing the winners' speeches, the In Memoriam segment makes me feel nostalgic.  Tonight's tribute to John Hughes made me feel kind of old.  Do I look as old as they do?  God I hope not.  (Ok, just checked Wikipedia, The Breakfast Club came out when I was 10, so they've got a good 20 years on me).  I know I'm probably only about the billionth person to state this, but I grew up with John Hughes movies.  They gave me some insight into what to expect from high school and maybe even instilled in me the fact that it's ok to be on the outside looking in.

Earlier today, Price had a hearing appointment down at the Naval Hospital.  Since we were so close to Big Navy, I decided we would head down there after the appointment, walk around the Exchange and then have a picnic on the beach.  It was a lovely morning.  I'm just bummed that I forgot my camera.  As we were sitting and feasting on our subway sandwiches, toes being tickled by the sand, hair blowing in the breeze while watching the little waves tumble onto shore, I couldn't help but feel happy.  Happy to be here, happy to be.  The other day when I met my two blogger buddies for coffee, Tessa asked me if I liked it here.  And I answered honestly (something like this), "I do. I like it more and more each day.  Whenever I get a chance to sit outside on the beach and take in the beauty of where we are, although I own my feelings on bad days and think it's ok to have them (psycho babble much Terrell?), I really am reminded that life is good."  Good thing Amy was there, cause pretty sure an answer like that to a simple question three minutes after meeting me should have scared her off.   But, that's really how I feel.  Even when I have a down day, and we're all entitled to have those every now and then- even if you know someone whose life is harder than yours, I just have to remember the good.  And then probably should hit the beach just to get re-centered.

Speaking of Price, we have always called him  Monkey.  It's probably the most used of the one million nicknames we have for him.  Over the past few days, he has decided to truly embody this word...  The other day while fixing his snack, I knew he was in the laundry room, but when I went to look for him I could n't find him.  Then I heard a faint rustling and saw this,

After cracking up laughing and doing what every good mom does, I left him to go find the camera so i could more pictures like this,

Then on Saturday he was being just a little too quiet (never a good sign for a 19 month old boy), and I found him playing dump truck.

He's not actually supposed to sit in that part of the truck.  But then again he's not really supposed to sit in our entertainment center either...

All I can wonder is, why was I in such a hurry for him to be super mobile???

Now that you've read all of that, you're probably dying to know what I'm eating this week...

Monday- Cheeseburger Buns (I was supposed to make these last week, but life got in the way)
Tuesday- Pork chops with black beans and pineapple rice
Wednesday- Pepperoni Pizza Pie
Thursday- Tuna Patties and Slow Cooker Mac n Cheese with Peas (or as I would call it if I were a contestant on Top Chef, Deconstructed Tuna Casserole)
Friday- Leftovers


Rachel Bice May said...

I love how you and I grab the camera first and then tend to helping our boys get out of sticky situations LOL!!!! Gabe's latest thing is to go head first off the couch or chair. I truly am happy that you are finding your happiness on the island. Take your sad/bad days/moments and learn from them and find your happiness again. I met another person online this morning that is stationed at Guam...almost set up a date for you guys to meet LOL Miss you my friend!

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