Friday, October 2, 2009

A Wobble Here, A Pause There...

Well, for the second time in three days we are under a tropical storm warning.  Unlike the last time, it looks like we are actually going to feel some effects of this storm, the mighty Melor.  We have heard conflicting reports of what's going on- NWS says it is going to continue tracking to the northwest, but another source says it stalled and may be tracking more west- towards us.  I wonder why in such a large, vast open ocean this big ol storm has to knock on any of our doors?  Very selfishly, I am hoping that the NWS is correct (my discussion writers say all the forecast models agree that is what will happen) and head north to less populated islands.

It's funny, I always wondered what people who lived on islands did when a storm came their way since you can't really evacuate when you're surrounded by water...  I guess we'll find out.  My Tropcial Storm Hoarding disease started to rear its ugly head tonight when I found out the Commissary might be closed tomorrow, but Don talked me down from the rafters.  I still have 8 half gallons of milk and am freezing water like a mad woman and just praying that all goes well....  I'll keep you posted!


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