Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I've Got a Peaceful, Easy Feeling

Don and I have a joke that every time he leaves for an extended period of time (which has happened once a year for the past three years- thanks Uncle Sam) he comes home to new friends and a full social calendar.  I guess when he's gone I can't use him as a crutch or maybe I look pitiful so people talk to me more, but I do tend to put myself out there more when he's gone.  

And although I'm not sure I've made any friends, I have spoken and socialized with ADULTS three times in the past 5 days.  Everyone said it would take time, and just to be patient, and it's finally happening!  

Sunday, as Price and I were heading out on our nightly walk, a neighbor invited us over for a movie and bbq.  I also saw one of my neighbor's mowing her grass and knew her husband was in Indonesia with Don, so I introduced myself to her.  We had a nice chat and then went over to the other neighbors' house and met them and some other neighbors.  It was an unexpected, much needed, way to start the week.

Yesterday, I found out we are FINALLY getting our household goods on Friday!!!  I can't wait.  We have not slept in our own bed in 60+ days.  I know Don will probably be even more excited than I am because he will have spent a fair amount of time sleeping on a cot in a tent and he'll be coming home to his own bed.  

Last night, I went to my first spouse's get together.  It was a lot of fun, and I met more people- many who live really close by.  Price went too and he was so good.  But the best thing about last night, and really the past week or so, is I do feel like I am starting to come into my own.  I am settling in and settling down.  As I have written before, I know people have done this before me, but I didn't realize how many of them would want to help me because someone had helped them.  There truly is a sense of community here that I always wanted to feel at our last base and never did.  Don's group here is awesome!  They invite me to office get togethers, they call to check on me and they offer to do things like mow my grass and babysit.  And then there is the sisterhood (my apologies to the men of this clan for lumping you into a sisterhood) of the military spouse.  Women who just met me and CAN imagine having to do this end of the move by myself with a baby in a "foreign" country (because they've probably had a similar experience) and want to help.

I have just been walking around for the past few days feeling like someone has thrown their arms around me and given me a hug.  I know that this is God answering prayers (mine, my family's, some of my friends').


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