Saturday, October 17, 2009


For all my mopey prognosticating complaining about the recent transitions in my life, one might think that I have forgotten how much I have to be thankful for and also how much my life DOESN'T stink.  I haven't, but I really love it when I am reminded how good life is and can be.

Today, I woke up early to make sure the house was ready for the first set of movers to come and take away our Boonie furniture.  Although happy to see it go, it wasn't that awful- the bed was super uncomfortable, but compared to where Don has been sleeping for the past couple of weeks, I really couldn't complain.

They left and a few of the women who offered to help me with the second phase of the move showed up.  Unfortunately, the movers did not.  Since my moving buddies are all pros at this PCS thing, they had me start calling to track down the movers.  Uh-oh, turned out some paperwork was mishandled and no movers were scheduled.  As I sat on the phone with my mouth gaping in disbelief, and tears welling in my eyes-  I was told that they would have a crew with my stuff here by 5:00 (this was after I had to play the my Boonie furniture is gone, I have a baby and my husband is TDY card).  The lovely ladies all said they would come back whenever I needed them too, but they would have kids in tow.

I decided to embrace the lemons that I had been given and decided, well I could be down about this or I can have a party of the NON-pity variety.  So, I headed to the Class  6, bought adult beverages and sent out an email for anyone who wanted to spend the evening with boxes, beer and pizza.  The movers showed up earlier than expected, the ladies all came back, a few additional folks came too.  The kids played with Price, we laughed and chatted and had a nice time getting to know each other better and the ladies dove in just tore the boxes up- and in 8 hours from start to finish- my kitchen is unpacked and almost completely put away, Price's room is mostly unpacked, the living room is unpacked.  It's amazing!  Of course we had some extra motivation- Don will be home very soon.

Thanks isn't big enough for how I feel.  I am overwhelmed (in a good way) and blessed and full of gratitude.

PS- sorry that there aren't any pics- I really wanted to take some, but it didn't seem right for me to stop working and take pictures of everyone else working


Rachel said...

Must take pics so we can meet your new fabulous friends!!! Glad your new home has truly become a home!

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