Thursday, October 15, 2009

Guam, the list part deaux

17.  You know how the places that are crazy and weird and so unlike anywhere you've ever been, make for a great story because of the odd things (sorry for the upcoming inside joke- but to my UNT girls who read this- think  Up With Women Weekend '99)?  Where part of the fun of the experience is just telling stories about the crazy, weird things that you observed?  Well, this is Guam.  People enjoy telling stories about their Guam times and somehow it adds to the charm of this place.
18.  My neighborhood turns pink at sunset.  I can't get it in pictures, but it is one of the most magical things to witness.
19.  Rainbows abound in skies filled with fluffy clouds.
20.  Flies certainly may overtake my house.  I had a fly strip on my kitchen window.  i had to throw it out because of the magnitude of withering flies was disgusting.  6 died on it in a period of 2 hours.
21.  People (including my husband) wear Hawaiian shirts without any form of irony.
22.  It does not feel like fall.
23.  Tropical Storm watches are becoming a weekly occurrence.
24.  We get 12 hours of sunlight every day, so no excuses for getting the winter mopeys.
25.  Toting sandbags in one's car can apparently ruin brakes.
26.  A favorite mode of transportation (for the locals) is riding in the back of pick up trucks.  It's almost like a sport to see how many people can fit.
27.  Dodging pot holes is a great past time.
28.  Cock fighting is legal.
29.  I still haven't been snorkeling :(
30.  The chirping that we heard upon moving into the house was actually a lizard.
31.  We don't have mice, we have shrews. Shrew = ewww.
32.  I had to have the coconuts from our palm trees harvested so they wouldn't smash my car when falling off the tree.


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