Saturday, October 10, 2009

Just Another Day

When you don't work and your husband isn't home, days start to blend together (the crazy TV schedule here doesn't help either- since today's Today show was actually yesterday's and all the primetime shows come on a day later here- it messes with your mind).  Basically, the fact that it's the weekend doesn't mean a ton to me right now.

However, in an effort to stay in touch with the rest of the general population, which does recognize a weekend (especially a long one) I tried to make today feel like a weekend day.  I'm not sure how successful I was, but the day did seem to go by fairly quickly which was nice.

One of the great things about not having our household goods here is we have a lot of empty space, and much of that space is tiled.  I decided an empty, tiled dining room would be a great place to have splash time.  I filled up one of my big pots with water and threw in several other vessels for Price to splash and play with.  The first thing he did was pour a whole loaf pan full of water on the floor- but no worries, that was the point.  We had fun playing in the water, it was a great time killer before lunch!

Hmm... what can I do with this?

Oh, I can pour water on the floor and not get in trouble!

Or maybe I can wear it as a hat.

and show off my muscles.

Look- no hands!!  Show off.

It's impossible not to have fun playing with this precious baby.

Late this afternoon, I decided we should go to the beach and have dinner at the beach club.  We packed up and headed to the beach.  On the way down to the beach, I realized I had made a mistake!  My car has been making some weird noises lately.  I think the sandbags from last week's tropical storm prep did something to my shocks and every time I slow down  or come to a stop, there is noise that almost sounds like metal grinding.  I've listened to enough Car Talk  to self-diagnose a brake pad issue.  It's so bad that I have an appointment at the car shop next week and I also don't feel comfortable driving off base (well there's the brakes and also the fact that I need to get a Guam license, but I have bad brakes, so I don't want to drive off base, and I need to get a driver's license- it's a circle you see- soon there will be butter).  So what in the world possessed me to think I should drive down a mountain on a windy road with a baby in the back seat of a car with bad brakes?  I swear, for a reasonably intelligent woman who actually has common sense most of the time, I can be pretty dumb.  I have always been the passenger on the drive to the beach and I guess I was so busy looking out the window, I never truly realized what the road was actually like.  I went really slow and prayed really hard that we would make it, and we did, we were fine.  But I was so shaken by the thought that I was driving down a mountain with faulty brakes, I just drove around the parking lot, noticed that Price was asleep and that the beach club probably isn't the place for a "single" woman with a baby on a Saturday evening and headed straight back up the mountain.  I also figured it made sense to head back up while it was still light out and hopefully avoid having any jungle animals run out in front of the car causing me to slam on the brakes.  We made it home safe and sound, but I am definitely going to limit our time in the car until I get everything checked.


GUAMtastic said...

Hmm... your house looks strangely like mine :) So glad you got your household goods!! YEAH!!

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