Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Wow!  It's been almost two weeks since I last posted anything.  I wish I could say it was because life has been so full and exciting I just didn't have time.   Life has been kind of busy since our household goods were delivered and Don came home, but busy with kind of routine mundane things.  Boxes being unpacked, another little tropical storm, car problems- things better suited for Facebook status updates and not paragraphs long blog postings.

Things are good though.  We only have 2 boxes left to unpack, but still have curtains and pictures to hang and furniture to buy.  Oh yes, there is some pretty fabulous furniture for sale in Guam.  I already have my eye on a buffet/side board for the dining room and am on the lookout for some bookcases.  We went to a store, Monika's, on Saturday and I am in love!  We may not have Target, but I might be able to come to terms with that (at least I tell myself this) since I am happy to go to Monika's and peruse the treasures there.

We are slowly meeting more people and doing more things, which is nice- we have plans every weekend until the end of November.  I think back to a few weeks ago and think maybe I was being impatient or just feeling lost at sea or something...  anyway, it's nice to feel more settled and at home.

On a different topic altogether... have any of you been following the story of Jessica Watson?  She is a 16 year old who is sailing around the world all alone.  I have become quite enamored with her adventure, although I have mixed emotions about it.   As a parent, I can't imagine letting my child sail around the world in a small boat through some extremely rough waters and unimaginable conditions all by himself.  But on the other hand as a parent, I can't imagine myself telling my child that he can't pursue a dream of his.  I also can't imagine a 16 year old girl wanting to be alone, by herself, with no human contact for 8 long months.  But on the other hand, as a sixteen year old girl, I remember there were days when I wanted nothing more than a day or two at a time to not have contact with anyone- no parents, no school, no siblings to bother me.  I know I couldn't have undertaken such a feat as she is attempting.  I am a little bit in awe, inspired and intimidated by her, but I hope all goes well and that she has smooth sailing.


Rachel said...

Hey, could you video the new "Target" store so we could see what you are lovin? Post new pics of Price too!!! :)

frosty said...

Thanks Terrell for your comment! And congrats to you as well, your husband coming home & your HHG arriving! It'd be great to meet up once we get over there. Shouldn't be long now..... Here's my email....

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