Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Lions and Typhoons and Tsunamis- OH MY!

I woke up this morning and immediately checked the National Weather Service forecast for Guam since a tropical depression was supposed to drop in for lunch today. I wanted to see when we could expect the weather and what the forecast was as far as severity (living in a place without the Weather Channel to blow every instance of weather out of proportion is nice, but we don't even have weather people on the local news to tell us what's up, so I really rely on the NWS- I am also a bit of a weather junkie and due to my new relationship with the NWS I have discovered the forecast discussion which explains why they are making said forecast- and let me tell you, some of these folks definitely have a knack for prose, if not fiction).  Sorry for the digression... what caught my eye instead of the TD update was that we apparently were or recently had been under a tsunami warning. A whhhaaattt??  Yes, a tsunami warning.  Hmmm..... so I read more and found out we had been, but it had been canceleld and we were just under an advisory.  Of course, after further investigation I found out about the earthquake and tsunami that had hit Samoa.  Guam is pretty far from Samoa, we didn't feel the earthquake and we didn't have a tsunami.  We have actually read and been told that tsunamis aren't a big risk in general for the island and we live on high ground. So many of our friends and family were concerned for us- we are fine, but it's nice to know so many people were thinkning of us.

In addition to no tsunami, even after the TD turned into an unnamed Tropical Storm, it went away. It never made it.  In fact, it was pretty funny listening to a NWS meteorologist talk to a reporter about when to expect the storm (it was 30 minutes late) and she said they had lost it, they could no longer find it and it seemed to have disappeared.  Of course, there's another storm headed this way, but at least I have 9 bananas and 8 half gallon cartons of milk in case this one makes it...


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