Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It's A Small World

There have been several days recently where I've felt like I was all alone in this transition to life in Guam. In my very Terrellcentric universe, I tend to think (despite the evidence of all the other people around me), that I am the first one to EVER leave behind great family, friends, restaurants and shopping ( Target, how I miss thee) and move half way around the world to support her husband's career. But, I am constantly reminded that this is not the case, and I have my blog to thank for this.

I have been reminded that my sister in law has moved three times in 5 (I think that's right) years with one more kiddo in tow each time- NJ to Colorado- no nieces, Colorado to Ohio- 2 nieces, Ohio to Massachusetts- 3 nieces. And they're not even military! And while they haven't moved to a small island in the middle of the Pacific, she too has had to pick up her life and start it over again in each new place. Dana has been reading my blog and sending me words of encouragement, which I really appreciate.

And then I'm reminded that I am DEFINITEY not alone in this particular experience since there are soooo many women who have come before me and are soon to follow as well. The internet has connected me with several fellow bloggers who are in various stages of their Guam experiences (one of whom actually lives just a few houses down from me). It's refreshing to know people have done this before and people will do this again and I'm just part of a cycle. I will get my bearings, I will make some friends and I will be ok.


GUAMtastic said...

Hang in there neighbor!! When I get back we will create some adventures. Of course you are not the first wife to drop everything to follow her husband across the world to a tiny island, and of course you're not the last, but OF COURSE it is REALLY hard!!! You'll hit your "Guam Groove" in no time, and then you'll be wondering where the time went. Keep your head up, and enjoy driving your new Guam bomb!!!

frosty said...

thanks for the advice! i think we're leaning towards shipping the car we have..... your advice just confirms that shipping is probably a good idea. that's great that you got your car so quickly, it's stuck in my mind that shipping a car takes like 4 months. (you never know...)
i'm glad you recommend the smooth move class, i had no idea about it & my mother-in-law (married to retired AF- there's a whole bunch of them on my hubby's side) told me about it & i called & got my name on a list for the next available!
thanks again for the friendly advice, glad to connect with fellow guam dwellers (coming from a soon-to-be)
i'm gonna take in as much target as i can, so sad. how's the k-mart over there? i read it's the biggest k-mart in the world? still not a target though...... :(

Rachel said...

I was searching for Guam bloggers and it just so happens that these two people who left comments I have run across! We miss you and I really missed you today - went into Target and thought of you as I was shopping their $1 section. I really hope things start looking up for you *MUAH*

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