Thursday, July 30, 2009


Happy Birthday Baby Boy!

I cannot believe you are already one. Where has the time gone? It seems like just yesterday your daddy and I were waiting to meet you. You have grown and changed so much over the past year and you are truly a joy. Although we waited so many years to have you, we can hardly remember the time before you were in our life.

I try really hard to be a good mother to you and to let you know how much I love you. You make me want to be a better person. I like to think I am doing something right because you are such a good baby. You're not perfect, in fact you have recently taken to squealing your disapproval at certain things, like being ignored or being put in your exersaucer. I am FAR from perfect too. One of my biggest feelings of inadequacy comes not from how I mother you, but how I am documenting your life. I am not as great at writing things down in your baby book as I could be. But I hope you know that I have documented many of your firsts and milestones with a camera and via emails sent to your dad while he was deployed and to your grandparents and aunts and uncles who all live far away.

Your dad and I cherish every moment we get to spend with you, you make us laugh, you make me cry (when you are sad or sick or if I feel like I messed something up). You are more fun every day.

We've had an interesting year. Your daddy left when you were 6 weeks old and went to do his job overseas. It was hard on all 3 of us to be separated for 4 months. But you were a trooper, and put up with me learning how to be a mom and a single mom at the same time. You became an excellent traveler and very adaptable as we left Ohio for Texas. Once Daddy came home, it was like he never left and the three of us settled back in to a routine. We went to Texas again to have you baptized and we even visited Florida, but all you really got to experience on that trip was lots and lots of rain. In a few weeks, our life is going to change again. We are moving very far away to a place called Guam. I worry about how the move will affect you, it's a long trip and the time change is going to throw your schedule out of whack (and we've worked so hard to get you on a good schedule). Another trial we went through, which was much harder on us than on you, was the shape of your head! Who knew that the fact that you had a slightly smaller right eye and a large head would lead us to see several doctors and specialists. Luckily, you have been tracking well developmentally and you were released by the specialists after a follow up. They think you just have a big head and a slightly smaller right eye.

You've been sick a few times, it seems like every 4 months you get a little cold, but they only slow you down for a day or two. I hate it when you don't feel well, but love how cuddly you are. All in all, you aren't a cuddle bunny- you'd much rather be on the ground exploring. I am as fascinated by your world as you are, you help me see things I would normally miss. I think a large reason for this is your new appetite- you want to eat anything from junebugs to starfish, rocks to wood chips, so I have to be more observant than ever. You like to eat real food too, which is great! So far the only thing you don't enjoy eating is zucchini, but that's ok, I won't make you eat it too often.

You enjoy cruising around the house. You're not confident enough in your abilities to try anything with one hand, you could do it, but you always want Daddy or me to hold both hands at all times. I want you to know, even when you take your first step and long after, Daddy and I will always offer you a hand whenever you need it.

I love you,
Mama (the word you still haven't said)

The pictures below were all taken on (on near the 29th of each month of the past year)....

Your Birthday- 7/29/2008

One Month Old, with Bea Bea

Two Months Old, after receiving first round of immunizations- you were such a good sport! I cried more than you did.

Three Months Old- visiting your Aunt Dana, Uncle Brian and cousins- Eli, Cailyn and brand new baby Ashtyn.

Two Days Shy of Four Months- Thanksgiving Day, spent in New Orleans wore you out!

Just Shy of Five Months- playing with Grandad and all your cousins at Christmas made you sleepy.

Six Months! Half way to 1 and Daddy was FINALLY home to celebrate.

Almost 7 Months- Mommy has to apologize for going on a vacation from taking pictures in February.

March 29, 2009- 8 Months Old

A few days shy of nine months, posing for Daddy's new camera

10 Months, first trip to the Cincinnati Zoo (third zoo for you)

1 Day Shy of 11 Months, at Clifton Mill

Happy Birthday
July 29, 2009


shelly_finn said...


Price will love reading these when he is older. You are a fantastic mommy. I can't tell you how much we will miss you when you leave! I look forward to reading your posts in the future to keep up with Price and yoru new life. :)

Rachel said...

What a FANTASTIC blog!! I still remember holding him the 1st time and rubbing my belly waiting on Gabriel to arrive. We love you guys and wish nothing but the best for you in your new Island Tropical Paradise - GUAM :)

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