Thursday, July 16, 2009



I love you so much. I love spending time with you. But I really need you to take a nap!

I realize that as you get older, and with your birthday being 2 weeks away, you are growing more interested in exploring the world around you and less interested in observing the world from the confines of your crib. But, baby, you need to sleep!

On days like today, when you resist napping you turn from a wonderfully happy little guy to a rather sensitive, definitely cantankerous mini man. I turn into a crazed woman... You just want to test your boundaries, you want to crawl into the kitchen and play with Isabelle's food, you want to climb up the stairs. You have discovered at such a young age that the game of chase is fun. You love when I chase you across the living room to the kitchen or to the stairs and pull you back to the relative safety (in your opinion boringness) of the living room.

I have attempted to have you take a nap twice today. Each nap actually resulted in you standing in your crib crying and screaming for extremely long stretches of time. You seemed to have cried yourself to sleep both times, only to wake up less than thirty minutes later. As usual, I am amazed how quickly things change in your life. Just this weekend you napped great- twice a day in a strange place, with lots going on around you. But now we are home, it's just you and me and you're boycotting your naps.

I must end this post now as you are awake AGAIN! I love you awake or asleep, I just wish you were getting more sleep today.



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