Monday, August 10, 2009


Price got sick on Thursday. He doesn't get sick often, but the past month he's gotten sick several times. When we got back from Pennsylvania, we all got sick. It knocked each of us down hard, but we bounced back two days later. Then, Price got diarrhea, for the first time, on his first birthday. And now he has some new crud. He was fine on Wednesday, but on Thursday when he woke up I knew something was wrong. He wasn't himself at all. He was lethargic. He didn't want to / couldn't pull up on things, walk, cruise, or crawl. I even tried to get him to crawl up the stairs (his favorite past time), but all he would do was lay his head on a stair and look pitifully defeated. In all the times he's been sick, he never acted like this, so I called the doctor and told her what was going on and she said he was probably getting a virus and just to watch it. As long as he was eating, drinking, pleasant, and going to the bathroom there was no need to worry. So, I didn't. His temp hit 102, but he stayed in good spirits and other than not having any energy and feeling like crap, he seemed ok. So, I let it go.

Friday, was a little better except his fever got higher (because I let it). I feel very strongly that fever is a good thing. It is the body's way of killing an infection. Just like we boil things we want sterile, our bodies use fever to heat the blood to a point where the "invader" can no longer survive. I also feel very strongly that a child shouldn't be rushed the doctor at the first sign of a fever because I don't want Price to get medicine that isn't necessary just because a doc thinks I'm being an over reactive parent and the only way to satisfy me is to give him an antibiotic. I think it's ok to wait a few days to see if the fever (with the help of lots of liquids, cool food, and Tylenol when the fever hits a certain point) goes away as long as Price is behaving normal for the most part. By Saturday morning, his fever was completely gone and the baby gates had been put back up because the crawling, climbing child of mine was back in full force. His fever though, has been replaced by some weird rash. Don and I think he has Roseola. We're hoping to get that self-diagnosis confirmed tomorrow when we take Price in for his 12 month well baby visit.

Price being sick is never fun, although I am very grateful that he is such a happy baby and that this hit this week rather than a few weeks later when we are in the middle of our move. But I was really sad that he got sick this weekend. This was our last "normal" weekend before we get caught up in all of our moving craziness. I had a serious pity party on Friday evening. Maybe this is God's way of helping us mentally prepare for what life will be like initially in Guam, not having friends to hang out with on the weekends. Part of me is excited about the move, but a bigger part of me is dreading the goodbyes, the having to get reestablished, feeling lonely like I did this weekend.


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