Monday, July 13, 2009

Picture Perfect

We just returned home from a wonderful trip to Pennsylvania. We left Wednesday evening and headed to Pittsbugh spent the night there and then headed to Hershey to join up with Don's folks and visit with Nana. Friday, we headed to the Mountains for the Price family reunion. It was great getting to meet so many of Don's cousins and spend time in such a lovely part of the country.

It was a little Special Dark (that is Hershey for "bittersweet") since this was probably our last opportunity to visit Pennsylvania and to spend time Don's family before we move. In fact, I cried when Don's parents left because I don't know how long it will be until we see them in person again. Hopefully, they will visit us in Guam in the next year and I know we will become quite the Skypers once we get settled in Guam.

One of the great things about our trip was that it encouraged us to take lots of pictures! Several months ago, we bought Don a fancy new SLR camera. We got a Nikon D60. We LOVE this camera! It takes awesome pictures and is great for both novice and intermediate photographers. There are automatic settings that allow you to pretty much point and shoot (I mostly use these settings) or the manual settings that allow you to change shutter speed and aperture to take advantage of lighting and movement (Don uses these more than I do).

Don got bitten by the photography bug and wanted the camera, now I've been bitten too. He likes to take pictures of scenery and architecture, I like to photgraph people and flowers. We both have lots to learn on getting good shots, but here are some of our best ones from our trip to Pennsylvania:

Price helping Bea Bea do dishes

View from the Price family home in the PA mountains

Don and Price on the porch

I am a fan of flowers

Best shot of the weekend! One of our beautiful nieces, captured being silly and lovely.


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