Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I have been sad all day today. I really don't know why. I don't know if I have the Tuesday blues, the I'm moving to Guam in a few weeks and am stressed blues, the my house is a mess and my precious baby is too busy crawling and climbing for me to unload the dishwasher blues, or the Michael Jackson memorial service was on and I made the mistake of watching it blues. Who knows what the cause, but it happened. All day, I felt on the verge of tears and a few times tears actually spilled out. I HATE days like this. I hate feeling sad.

Then this evening, I read a blog post and it really made me sad. Every time I think about it,my heart literally hurts. It was written by a mother whose young son died suddenly and unexpectedly. I am in the midst of planning Price's upcoming birthday party and all I can think about is the huge loss the family is going through. I wept for them and I don't know them. All I know is the love between a mother and a child and I cannot imagine the pain the mother is going through. How does one get over the loss of a child?

Of course, because I am the way I am (a little bit of a worrier) I am afraid that this will haunt me and I will be more than a little concerned when Price runs a fever and I am sure I will check on him throughout the night.

No one knows why children die and some would argue that our God cannot be a kind god for allowing children to die. I just pray to God that He helps the family through this time and that He helps me not get hung up on this. I pray every night that Price lives a long, happy, healthy life. I pray, I pray, I pray...


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