Saturday, August 29, 2009

13 Months(ish)


Well, according to the calendar here in Guam, you are 13 months old today. Technically, because you were born in Ohio and it's not the 29th there yet, you really have another day, but since we are in Guam, we're going on Guam time!

Let me tell you, for about the 1 millionth time, God must have known we were coming here because he sure did send us the right baby for this crazy life we have! You have been sooooo good. Sure, you have moments- who doesn't? I've had a few myself recently.... But overall, you are amazing. You are happy, you are funny and you make us laugh. You are charming the socks off of all the locals and Japanese tourists here at the hotel. They are mesmerized by your blond hair and blue eyes. We can't walk anywhere without someone coming up to grab your toes or play peek-a-boo. And you handle these intrusions from strangers way better than I ever could.

You slept so-so last night. It's hard on all of us to be off our schedules, tired, jet lagged and in the same room. You woke up around 2 this morning and I brought you into bed with us. We were all up by 4, and just waiting for the dining room to open so we could go eat breakfast. On top of all the traveling stress, you are teething AGAIN (it seems like as soon as you get a new tooth to pop out you have 2 more ready to come through).

Daddy and I love you so much. We are so glad you are on this adventure with us.



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