Thursday, August 20, 2009

All Clear

Well, the house has been emptied of everything. We've cleaned, scrubbed, painted, sweated, laughed, almost cried and said more than a few curse words over the past few days- but We ARE OUT!! We passed or housing inspection with no charges (thanks to Mom and Spot Shot carpet cleaner). I am EXHAUSTED and sooooo glad that this part is over. We leave in 3 days so we can realx (a little) and spend time with friends before we head out.

It was really hard saying good bye to Mom today. She took Isabelle with her, so it was a double shot of sad dropping them off at the airport. I didn't cry as much as I thought I would. It's just hard not knowing when we'll see our family again, hopefully Don will find out soon about his school and we'll know firm dates and can start making plans. I am very grateful for my mom, she was such a huge help with Price and cleaning- we couldn't have survived this end of the move without her. Shelly and Rachel were big helps too. We said see ya later to Brandon and Shelly yesterday since they were heading out on vacation, i know we'll be saying the same to Nathan and Rachel soon and it'll be hard. But hopefully, as is common in the AF, our paths will across again soon.


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