Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Off the Beaten Path

One of the great things about where we are staying is it is off the beaten path, only military memebrs can stay here and use the beach. So, it's not crowded or touristy. It really reminds me of Dauphin Island (and I know our D.I. krewe would LOVE it here).

We (the boys more than me) had a good night, we put Price to bed around 7 and Don and I made it until 8. Price slept soundly until about 3:30, and went back to sleep after having a little (mommy supplied) mid-night snack. We all slept until about 6:00 (which was noon Ohio time). We all woke up hungry, but also interested in watching the sunrise, and moving slow. We used my favorite iphone app, Yelp*, to find a local place to go have breakfast. We decided to go to a restaurant called, Cinnamons in Kailua. It was so off the beaten path, we had to ask a local to find it for us. We were so glad we asked for directions- it was definitely worth it! We sat outside and had little birds join us. Price enjoyed watching the birds while we ate.

After breakfast we wanted to see a sight before heading back to the cabin and putting Price down for a nap, so we Yelped and found a nearby historical park, Ulupo Heiau Historic Site, to visit (by the way, I have determined that all of the under used letters of our alphabet live in Hawaii to get more action- the letter K and all of the vowels get a work out there). This place was hidden behind a YMCA (luckily the Yelper pointed that out in her review, or we would have never found it).

Basically, this site is a stone temple that is several hundred years ago. It is about 30 feet tall and about 140 x 180 feet wide. It was built as a place of worship to Hawaiian gods.

As you can see in the picture, people still leave gifts- there were squash and flowers left on the plaque.

There was a marshy area surrounding the Heiau. No one was there but us and the birds. Banana, pineapple and coconut trees were everywhere.

I felt as if we were seeing Hawaii in its natural form. I was also amazed at the size and abundance of the philodendron and other plants that we consider to be houseplants growing wild, free and unencumbered by pots.

There were also several unique trees, the one below had a unique root(?) system.

Close up of the root? system.

This is one tree, but it looks like many more than that.

Later that afternoon, we took Price down to the beach to play. He LOVED it!


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