Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Guam, the list

This is the start of our 4th day in Guam. I haven't seen enough of the island to have a true impression of it.

Here's what I can tell you so far:
1. The water is gorgeous, and I can't wait to get to the beach.
2. The people here are warm and kind.
3. The interior parts of the island that I have seen are not all that nice.
4. Housing is going to be a problem and is already a point of contention between Don and me .
5. The base is nice and small.
6. I have cabin fever- I am sick of living out of a suitcase.
7. I am homesick- not so much for the US or family and friends (thank God for technology), but for having a home, a routine, a meal that doesn't cost an arm and a leg and that contains a vegetable.
8. I LOVE having rice with breakfast- there is something delicious about eggs and rice that cannot be described until you taste for yourself.
9. There are LOTS of Japanese tourists here.
10. It's funny to watch the Japanese eat strips of bacon with chopsticks while I eat my rice with a fork.
11. You can also get seaweed on the breakfast buffet.
12. The clouds are amazing, it's the sun that is hot, not the air.
13. My body is becoming accustomed to falling asleep asleep before nine and waking up by 4.
14. Can't find all the groceries I am used to, may have to start making my own yogurt.
15. The houses are weird.
16. I really, really want to like it here and have a good experience.


Rachel said...

It WILL get better!! It is okay for the first month or more (if you need it) to question everything, be homesick, and not like everything. We are all thinking of you and praying that you find a house and soon. Remember it is not the house that makes a home but the people in it!

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