Monday, March 16, 2009

A lovely day....

Today we spent the day with our great pals the Mays. We had lunch together and then headed to the Cox Arboretum. The daddies (Don and Nathan) each strapped on a baby (somehow the mommies (Rachel and I) became the pack mules, pushing the heavily laden stroller) and off we went on our first hike. We attempted a 1.8 mile loop, but had to cut the trip short due to babies' tempers and mommies' bladders. It was such a lovely day, mid 60s not a cloud in the sky. Feels like spring is finally on its way! One of the best things about living up north is experiencing four seasons and spring is a true celebration for surviving the winter. We plan to visit again once everything is in bloom.

Don and I love that Price enjoys being outside as much as the two of us do and also that he is such a good sport about being toted around. We are so excited about this spring and summer and all of the fun we're going to have!


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