Saturday, April 17, 2010

Dear So and So

Dear Don's Cough,
GO AWAY!!!  I would really like Don could really use a night of uninterrupted sleep.

Sick of you,

Dear Hubster,
I am only going to ask nicely one more time.  Please go talk to one of your doctor friends and ask them to give you the magic yellow pill that will make you stop coughing.  YOU NEED TO SLEEP. ALL NIGHT.  WITHOUT WAKING UP. HACKING.  I think our house might be a more peaceful place if you get a full night of sleep, especially with the week we have coming up.

Love you, hate the cough,
Your Adoring Wife

Dear Sleep,
It was nice going to bed a little earlier than usual tonight only to we woken out of my deep sleep (see letter above).  Is it still called a nap when you only get to sleep for two hours in the middle of the night before waking up to begrudgingly play nurse to lung hacking husband?  Anyway, I miss you and hope that we are reunited soon.


Dear Huggies Swim Diapers,
Thanks for helping a girl in need.

The Girl (formerly) In Need

Dear Hubster,
You are sound asleep and I am wide awake.  It's 3:00 in the morning.  Be nice to me in 4 hours when Price wakes up unaware that we want to sleep late and I include you in the joy of early morning parenthood. I'll try to be un-grumpy to you.

Love you, still hate the cough, but glad that it seems to have stopped,

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Dear So and So...


Kalina said...

This is when having another bedroom would be priceless. What do you guys have going on this week, and should I even ask about the Huggies Swim diaper?

Terrell said...

Be warned, the following comment contains more info about me than most people would want to know....

Yes, a third bedroom would have been nice last night- I thought when he fell asleep on the couch I caught a lucky break, but it wasn't comfortable. So instead he came to bed, and tried to get comfortable while hacking up a lung. Next week is going to be hell at the office for Don, long hours, night shift. Just turns our world upside down.

And about the diaper. No, you probably don't wanna know, but since you asked... Let's just say, was with a large group of folks at a water park yesterday. Rode down with someone, so didn't have my own car. And my monthly guest showed up at lunch time. I had no supplies, no way to leave, no one in the group with the same problem. I got inventive and used and used a swim diaper and was able to (mostly) enjoy the rest of the afternoon. Aren't you glad you asked??

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