Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

What a wonderful Easter weekend we had.  Friday night we had some of Price's girlfriends (and their parents) over for a Good Friday Fish Fry and Egg Dying Party.  We had fish tacos, shrimp and crab bisque.   I also made a bunny cake, a long time family tradition.  So easy to do...

Make two round cakes (I made a carrot cake that tasted so-so, but you could make any flavor that goes well with a white icing)
Pretend that I made two perfectly round, uncracked cakes, both worthy of having their picture taken.  

Next, take one of the round cakes and cut like this...

Now, on a large platter (or like we do in my house, an upside down cookie sheet covered in foil) place the remaining whole round cake in the lower middle of the platter.  Next, stick the two ears on top and the bow tie on the bottom.

Cover in frosting and let the kids go to town adding a face and any other decorations.

After dinner, we decided it was time to throw caution to the wind and start the dying of the eggs.  Fortunately for us (and our still new to us Persian rug) Price only got his hands dirty.  He thought it was SUPER fun to move two eggs back and forth from one cup to another...

"I'm king of the egg dying world!"

Who needs a spoon?

No, his hand is not jaundiced, it is just yellow from the dye.  It will stay that way (thankfully lesser shades) for the next two days.

Saturday morning, we woke up pretty early and headed out for the base Easter egg hunt.  Unfortunately, Price was more interested in anything in his line of vision the wagons, strollers and all the people than the eggs that were strewn out all over the field.


Or maybe it was his ridiculously short outfit, and he was just too embarrassed to go out in the sea of toddlers and fight for silly plastic eggs. Anyway, he ended up with the whopping three eggs pictured above.  We are TOTALLY raising an over achiever.

To celebrate his mad egg hunting skills, we took Price to Hooters for dinner.  Yes, my son and I both went to Hooters for the first time Saturday night.  He may not be able to pick up an egg laying in a field, but he can pick up the chicks who work at Hooters.  All the Hooter girls came by to say hi (which the guys at our table loved).  This one loved him the most (pardon the picture quality, we forgot to bring a camera to document Price's first trip to Hooters.  Don has a phobia of cameras at Hooters thanks to his bachelor party)

Today, we got up before the sun to celebrate the resurrection of the Son.  We went to sun rise service and celebrated Easter service as the sun rose over the Pacific Ocean.  After church, we walked home to see what the Easter Bunny brought Price.

Apparently a bunch of Easter grass and no clothes.  His clothes are missing because he PUKED all over them right after church, as we were standing on line for breakfast.  Everyone standing behind us was THRILLED!  Luckily, he was fine post puke, so we were still able to go out for brunch later in the day.

After church, brunch and naps Price and I headed down to the beach to give Don some time to study.  We met up with our neighbors and enjoyed popsicles, wine (I enjoyed this), cheese and watching the sun set over the Phillipine Sea.  

We couldn't have asked for a better weekend.  Hope you and your family have a wonderful, blessed Easter!


Jennifer Wilmore said...

Oh, Terrell, this is a great post, and I'm happy to hear y'all had a wonderful Easter weekend. Now, can we discuss the waiting "on line" as opposed to waiting "in line"? Where are you from again? LOL! The sunrise Easter service must be spectacular given your location in the Pacific! Love to you all!--Jen

Kalina said...

Sounds like a lot of fun, and I agree with Jennifer - the sunrise service must have been amazing. I, for one, would much rather have an under achiever when it comes to Easter egg hunting than one of those professional Easter Egg Hunter kids. Who the heck teaches them to knock over everbody else and hunt eggs like they are a fashion junkie on a 5 minute shopping spree in Saks.

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