Saturday, February 27, 2010


Well, the world is really a small place when an earthquake almost 10,000 miles away can put our little island under a tsunami warning.  I think this is the third tsunami related advisory we've been under the in almost 6 months we've been here.  Luckily, the previous watches/warning have all happened while I was sleeping and I woke up only to find out we had been under one and that it had been cancelled and we had no effects.  Tonight it's a little bit different...  We are under a warning and this warning comes with an estimated arrival time (1:00 tomorrow-Sunday-afternoon our time, so that's 9:00 Saturday night Central Standard Time) and cautions to avoid low lying areas.  We live high on a hill and any dreams of hitting the beach in the morning have been erased.  I am trying not to worry- after all it's not in my power and how is worrying a conducive way to spend the next 13 hours.  But, if you could throw up some prayers that Hawaii, Guam and all points in between are spared from a tsunami that would be great.  And if you could send up some extra ones for me to remember that there is nothing I can do and that there really is no sense in worrying, I'd really appreciate it.

So that's the news from our corner of the world.  I'll keep you posted!


Jennifer Wilmore said...

I've been following the tsunami warnings since I got up this morning and immediately thought of you. I will send up a prayer that my dear Terrell, who loves weather (when it's not too close for comfort!), won't worry too much about it and that you and the rest of the island will be safe and untouched by the waves. Miss y'all!
Love J-Wi!

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