Saturday, June 27, 2009

Generation X

I am a member of Generation X. Yesterday, my generation experienced its Elvis moment. Michael Jackson died. We also lost another icon, Farrah Fawcett.

According to, due to these two losses, my generation had a bad day yesterday and we are now, more than ever going to feel like we are growing up. The article really hit home with me, because when I learned of Jackson's death my first thought was about how this was a generational loss. This was made more evident by how many of my Facebook friends' status updates were devoted to the deaths of these two people who we never met, but who are so indelibly linked with our adolescence.

Thriller was the first "grown-up" record I ever owned (yes, I had it on vinyl). I remember getting it for Christmas with the stereo I wanted so badly. I can see it now, the record propped up against the stereo, waiting for me on my Santa chair. Oh, how I loved every song on that album! I got so excited when I learned that he was coming to Houston for a concert, I heard it on the radio late in the evening at Fun N Care. I went running through the school barely able to control myself screaming and yelling, "Michael Jackson is coming here." It didn't even occur to me at that young age to go to the concert. I was young enough to get excited that he would be in the same city as I was, and that mere fact was enough.


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