Thursday, June 25, 2009

Aha! Moment

My apologies to Oprah and Mutual of Omaha for borrowing the phrase... but I have just had a major Aha moment while cleaning out a closet....

When Don and I started dating, my life was a mess- both literally and figuratively. I had a horrible ex-boyfriend who made me feel like I wasn't worth much, I was in a nowhere job working for the spawn of Satan (OK, not that bad, but she really was pretty horrible to me), my credit was not good, I was in school but not doing well, and my house was a mess. I mean a really gross mess- the kind of thing that they've created TV shows about. I hate looking back on that period of my life because I am not proud of it, nor do I enjoy thinking about it. When I do look back on it, I still can't believe that Don was able to see through all of it and still fall in love with me- it's a true testament to who he is. Anyway, the physical mess was just a symptom, I guess I felt a little out of control and not worth a whole a lot- I felt like a pig so I lived like one kind of a thing.

Anyway, I started moving away from that period in my life, I regained control. I met and married a wonderful man who makes me feel proud of who I am, I got serious about school, I switched jobs, I started (with Don's help) paying all of my bills on time and in full. And I became less messy.

Now, I won't claim to be clean freak or neat nick, but I am not by any means the slob I once was. However, I still can be pack-rattish about some things. Take for instance gift bags. Today, while cleaning out our linen closet, I realized that I keep gift bags, paper shopping bags, and gift boxes like I am the sole supplier to Dollar Tree. I now understand- this has got to stop! I think it would be fine to keep a few of my favorites to reuse later, but I seriously don't think I need to keep every bag from every gift I ever receive in hopes that I can give it away later. It's kind of ridiculous! I'm sure I will fall off the wagon every now and then (I really do like cute bags), but in my effort to save bags, I had forgotten about some other lovely things in my closet and there were so many bags crammed in the closet, many aren't even salvageable. So I finally get it!

I don't need so much stuff! I think that our upcoming move is really making me take a close look at what things I think are important. And every time I look closer, I realize they are just that-things.

Guam Update:
We were all medically cleared yesterday, should have orders in the next week. Once we get those, the ball will really be rolling.
Price and I took Isabelle to the vet today, and have started her on the process of getting her ready to live on/in Guam (I can never decide which is correct). We think that what is best for Isabelle is to have her stay in Texas until Trey comes to Guam for a visit and then he can bring her, that way she won't have to be quarantined as long (5 days compared to 4 months).
I am almost finished with my dental proceedings!! Just have to go back to get my permanent crown put on.


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