Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Although I spent last week being all crafty and doing projects for Price's birthday party.  I am here to assure Martha Stewart and these great craft bloggers:
that they have nothing to worry about when it comes to me taking over the crafting world.  Because as I constantly remind myself, what I may exude in creativity, I definitely lack in common sense.

So, although I may do fun projects like this,


Or (my personal favorite) this,

I always end up with a permanent reminder of how taking a few extra minutes to truly prepare before embarking on a crafting expedition, could save me the pain of having to see something like this every time I look at my patio.

Yes, that is concrete permanently stained with, well, it's stained with stain from another project I'm working on....  I truly do not have an ounce of perfectionism in my blood.


Rachel Bice May said...

Power Wash???? Can't wait to see more party pics!!!! The trains looked super cute. I made train treats for the classroom one year at Christmas time.

Kelly said...

You are so funny. I just don't have the patience or ability to make myself slow down and focus on crafty things either. Perhaps that's why it takes me extra long at card class? I love the pictures and am so glad you had a fun party.

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