Friday, July 16, 2010

Back On Track

Price will be 2 in two weeks.  I have been pretty much in complete denial about this for quite a while. Part of my reason for denial is I just can't believe my baby boy is almost two. Everyone tells you to enjoy these moments while they last because it goes by so fast, and it truly does. I don't know where two years have gone (ok, well maybe one deployment and a move to a tiny speck in the middle of the Pacific Ocean had something to do with it). I am also in denial because it's easier for me to ignore planning a party that no family will be attending than to think about how this is the first of many such occasions in our military life that this will be the case. I'm not really sad for me, I'm more sad for Price and his grandparents that we don't have the kind of life where we can just run over to grandma's house whenever we want (but it sure does make our visits home more sweet).

Luckily, Don is not quite the procrastinator I am and has been very encouraging of me to make the most of what we have and reminding me that the party is to celebrate Price, and while we won't have family-family here, we'll have  friends/military-family here with us.  He is right, and I realized if I don't get on it, there will be no denying that I passed over Price's birthday.  And I don't want to start Price on a journey of disappointing birthdays- not that he would even know, he's turning two, not ten- I decided to get on the ball.

The theme is easy...  there are two things that Price is obsessed with, and only one of them is appropriate party material (unless of course it's for a bachelorette party and really, even then it makes the sober ones of us uncomfortable to be surrounded by all things phallic)...  TRAINS!!  Price loves trains.  And I love making invitations.  So, I have spent the better part of two days fully embracing the total pigsty my house was , actually not hating that Don was working 16 hour over night shifts, and letting Price take longer naps and watch more tv than I care to admit so I could make this...

Of course, there is no where to get them printed off (easily, that I know about, would be fast and cheap) on this island, so they're being sent electronically, and now that I'm looking at the image, I really should have added the border to the bottom half- oh well.

Anyway, now that this is done, I'm coming up with the rest of the plans.  I'm concocting a pretty cute (I think) party favor for the kids who come and there are grand plans to make a cardboard train.  Which is why I have a stack of boxes in my dining room.  I'm really, really, really going to try very hard to not watch the Real Housewives of Anywhere On This Planet until it's all done so I won't get the "I told you so face" when I end up throwing away a bunch of never made it into a train boxes.  Pretty sure procrastination and whatever form of ADD I have cannot be cured in a week.

I'll let you know how it all turns out.


SDGMitchell said...

Sounds so cute! He will have a blast! If you don't make a train just make a giant cardbroad tunnel/maze thing for the kids. My niece/nepehew had one one year and it was a huge hit! You could let the kids paint it or color it for an activity!

Amy Ray said...

Super cute invitation! I am impressed! How lucky Price is to have you as his mommy! :)

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