Thursday, July 29, 2010

And Then He Was Two

Dear Price,

You are two years old today.  We've spent the day doing all of your favorite things:  watching Thomas, reading books about trains, making and eating pepperoni/pineapple pizza, sneaking bits of chocolate, playing outside in the water with lots of your big kid friends.  It was a good day, and I wasn't even sad at all.  Not one little bit bothered by the fact that you are growing up so fast and are officially no longer a baby.  But, you'll always be my baby boy!

You are blossoming into such a fun person.  You are hysterical and you TOTALLY know it.  After four months of therapy you are talking like a champ and finally (in the past few days) figuring out that a spoon really is a handy tool, especially when eating ice cream.  You have gone from being unable to say "mommy" (or most other words really) to identifying all of your ABCs and counting to 10 (although you often skip 8).

It's hard for me to be mad at you or scold you when you do something you shouldn't because you are so cute.  When you do something that you know you shouldn't and I tell you to back off or remove your hands from putting a third dvd in the the Playstation and you ignore me and I start counting to three as a warning, you look right at me and count 3,1,2.  It's precious and sidetracks me.

You are kind and gentle.  You have a sweet spirit.  You have the best laugh.  You love dinner time, you are easily amused by whatever daddy and I do, and we are just as amused by you.  So we spend as much time laughing as we do eating.  And speaking of eating, you are definitely my son!  You would rather eat condiments (sour cream and ketchup being your favorites) than the actual food it's dressing up.  You also share my fondness for Mexican food and often ask for "tias" (tortillas), chips and salsa (said with a slight lisp).

I adore you Pricey.  I wish you would hurry up and outgrow this Poo Poo Picasso phase you're apparently into, after four days of it last week we are now making you sleep in zip up footie pajamas, even at nap time!  But your well timed kisses almost make me not mind.

Happy Birthday Baby Boy.

Mommy (which you say all the time now, and it is truly the sweetest sound I've ever heard)

PS- the pictures below were taken last year, on your first birthday, in the same chair and yes (remarkably) in the same outfit as the ones I took today (and nope, I wasn't even trying to recreate the poses, but watch out kiddo, since you've done it two years in a row be ready for an annual fist pump in the rocking chair picture).  I'm not sure if I should be concerned that it still mostly fits.

My how you've changed and yet stayed the same!


I'm Emily! said...

He is too cute! Happy 2nd birthday Price!

Kelly said...

Oh, I just love him. Wish I could have celebrated with y'all! Glad you had such a fun day with him on his second birthday, and of course that he is really becoming a sour-cream lovin' chatter-box. (Did I tell you Neil and Adrienne don't ever have sour cream in their house? If Neil and I didn't look so much alike I would say that there is no way we could be related.)

Amy Ray said...

He has changed so much for just last year! How fun! I am proud (and encouraged) that you didn't cry on birthday #2. I cried on #1 and decided I would probably be crying every year. I tried to convey this to Noah but he just looked at me and smiled as a tear ran down my cheek! :)
Happy Birthday, Price!

Terrell said...

Thanks everybody!!

Amy- I was TOTALLY lying (sorry). I cried when I put him to bed the night before his birthday. I think as moms we are destined for a yearly cryfest at each birthday.

KJ- I don't know if I could be friends with Adrienne and Neil.. no sour cream. Really, really??

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