Saturday, January 30, 2010

Shaken, Not Stirred

I'm pretty sure that we just experienced our first earthquake about an hour ago.  I was sitting on my couch, when it began to shake, well vibrate is more accurate.  It lasted less than 10 seconds.  It felt odd, and my initial thought was, I think that was an earthquake.  I asked Don if he felt it, and he hadn't.  So, I chalked it up to Isabelle scratching and moved on.  About 5 minutes later my neighbor sent me a text asking if I felt it and said that another one of her friends a few streets over had also felt it.

I don't really want to make light of what we went through, because in all honestly we didn't go through much of anything, due to the recent event in Haiti.  It just makes me feel good to know that our concrete bunker house is pretty sturdy because nothing really shook.  The pictures on our walls didn't sway, the blinds didn't hit the wall and no knick knacks fell off of any tables.

I have been scouring the USGS website to see if there are any official reports of what we felt.  There aren't any.  So, I did my civic duty and went here and reported an unknown event.


Terrell said...

Apparently, the quake struck about 200 miles south of Guam, about 20 miles below the surface of the ocean.

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