Friday, January 29, 2010

18 Months

Dear P-Diddily-Doo,

You are 18 months old today!  I know I say this too much EVERY TIME I write one of these, but I am amazed by how much you are changing.  You are the happiest boy I know.  I pray that the light in your heart,   the spring in your step, and the twinkle in your eye stay with you forever.

You are so funny, and you know it.  You watch to see what is going on and wait until you get a reaction before repeating the action or moving on to something else (like tantrums, which you've tried throwing a few times, but you've realized it doesn't do you much good) .  You give us the funniest looks- sometimes a smirk, usually mischievous.  I love how sweet and innocent you are, that you haven't yet been tainted by the hurts of the world.  When another kid threw sand in your face, you only cried because it scared you and not because you took it as sign he didn't like you.

Speaking of like, everyone who meets you likes you.  Most people want to pinch your cheeks, you have a harem of tween age girls who you flirt with and 8 year old boys are your heroes.  You are just so charming.  You are also an AMAZING eater.  You love oranges and popsicles, cheese and pasta, avocado and bread, peas and carrots.  Honestly, there isn't much you won't eat.  I love and appreciate that about you, I haven't had to change my cooking style to accommodate your taste buds.

You love to read, play in water and being naked is your favorite state of  undress.  You really enjoy your shoes and you bring me a pair every day to put on your feet.  You love being outside, but sometimes MY selfishness takes over and I can't handle telling you one more time to stop playing with the lawnmower or gas can or trash can so we go inside.  But, since you love the beach as much as I do, you and I have started taking little trips down to our beach to play in the sand and have snack.  It gives both of us a break.

You have the sweetest voice.  You kind of sing-song things.  You say "E-I-O, hi, cup, cracker, shit".  I'm really proud whenever you walk around the house saying, "shit, shit, shit."  I know I have done my job as a mom.

We have our days, but really the older you get the easier you get.  I can't wait for you to talk more because I am so interested in how your brain works.  I want to know, and hope you can explain it to me, how you can sit and play very quietly for long stretches at a time at home, but the minute we sit down in church, all bets are off and you want to walk up and give the sermon.

Your spirit improves my spirit on a daily basis.  Your Daddy and I love you so much!

-Momma (the word you can say, but won't)


Phyllis said...

Hi, Terrell, As I've said before, I love reading your blogs. Reading your notes to Price take me back to when our kids were small, I was continually amazed by them. Children are the greatest gift from God and it humbles us to be with them. I would love to meet your amazing boy. Take care. PJ

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