Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What To Do??

Ok, here's the situation...

I am not a great diaper changer.  You'd think after almost 16 months, I would have mastered it, but I have a squirmy wormy who'd rather run around butt naked than be re-diapered.  I often end up with just that, a naked little man scurrying about the minute the diaper comes off.  My little man also REALLY enjoys playing with the toy God gave him, the part that makes him a man- his penis.  Don assures me he will NEVER grow out of this and will always enjoy playing with it.

Anyway, time and time again, I run into this quandry when I am changing a dirty poo diaper- where to wipe first?  His hands IMMEDIATELY go down to his manhood, which is often covered in poo, so then I wonder do I wipe his hands or get the poo off his junk first.  When I wipe his hands first, they're clean, but they go right back in the mess, when I wipe the big mess off his bottom, his hands are dirty putting poo God knows where. Poo usually ends up on his clothes and on the carpet and me!

Fellow mommies (or daddies- or anyone with insight)- help me please!  Leave your suggestion in my comment area by Friday (Stateside Friday) and one lucky responder will get a treat from the Andersen Gift Shop.



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