Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Month of Sundays...

My brother and my dog will be boarding their Guam bound planes (we tried to coordinate and get them on the same flight, but the bro is going through Japan, so the Isabelle has to fly on a different plane) a month from today.  I CANNOT WAIT!!  Trey, my brother, will be our first visitor.  I am so excited for him to get here so we can show him around and do some more exploring.  And Isabelle, I have missed her soooo much!  I can't wait for her to get here and chase all the critters that live on our porch like this 9 1/2 (at least) inch long lizard...

Sorry Mom, I know this really makes you want to fly half way around the world to visit

Photoshop can make smallish lizards seem large and menacing.

It was Godzilla on my porch- REALLY!

Or this praying mantis (ok, I really don't want the dog to chase the mantis, I just needed a good segue to show off these pictures)....

Both of these creatures were hanging out on our porch this afternoon, combined with the shrew that we saw a few nights ago and the frogs that we see every night and the geckos that jump out of my trash can every time I open the lid, we are practically living in an episode of Wild Kingdom!

I know that time will fly by before they get here since the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is always busy and filled with fun activities, and this year is going to be no exception.  It will probably even more fun filled because of Price and trying to make up for last year when Don was overseas.

PS- I have started experimenting trying to teach myself how to use Photoshop, today I played with basics like cropping and adding captions to pictures.

PSS- Bea, you're right- the mantis is missing a leg.

PSSS- Mom, I know you HATE lizards, and I'm really not a huge fan myself.  When I was taking the picture I kept telling the lizard, out loud, "As long as you don't jump on me we'll be OK.  Please don't jump on me, please, please don't jump on me."  He didn't jump on me, but I do think he and his little gecko friends really help keep the fly population down and for that I will always be grateful!
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