Monday, September 22, 2008

Why I Would Have Called

So, I try to not be the obnoxious wife who calls her husband all day every day to see what he's doing and to tell him every mundane thing (I'm not always successful at my attempts) about what's happening or just happened moments ago. But, when hubby is away and I can't talk to him whenever I want, I think of reasons I would have called him, had I been able. Today the list is:
1. I love you! Hope you're having a good day. You've been on my mind all day.
2.Price drank got so much out of the boob I thought was broken, it came out of his nose.
3. I called my mom at 5:00 am her time to see if I should call the doctor regarding item #2 (answer, "no, very normal", answer later confirmed by Kalina).
4. Gave Price his first bath all by myself last night, went well.
5. Have established bedtime routine for Price. He's in bed asleep between 9 & 10 (depending on bath and hunger).
6. Got your post card, it made my day.
7. No random bouts of crying today, only breakdown when talking to Kalina about being lonely and missing you.
8. Talked to your mom tonight. Minnie is going to her 3rd obedience class tomorrow and is doing well.
9. Steelers lost. Pitt won.
10. Never left the house today, but sat outside this evening and enjoyed the sunset. Price loved looking at things.
11. New pictures on Drop Shots.
11. Love you, miss you, hope you're having a good day.


Don said...

Wow...this looks like a sitrep report.

Love you/miss you too babe :)

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