Friday, September 19, 2008

It's You and Me Kid

My husband left for the sandbox a little over a week ago. He's in a relatively safe location, which makes his deployment easier on me (not so worried). However, we're not able to talk everyday. I really miss him. I miss his physical presence, but mostly I miss not being able to talk to him whenever I want and that he's not the last voice I hear before I fall asleep- lately that honor has been going to Jon Stewart. We have a 7 week old son, which makes this deployment even harder on both of us because Price is our first child. His daddy doesn't get to be here for several months of laughs, smiles, coos, hugs and kisses. He's also missing out on changing explosive diapers when we're out in public, midnight feedings, and trying to interpret various cries throughout the day and night. I hate that he's not here to share any of that with me, but I also know he's doing his job and I am so proud of him for the job he's doing!

Price and I were very fortunate that ever since Don left, my mom and step dad have been here with us to help out. They ended up staying a little longer than expected due to Hurricane Ike. And since all good things must come to end, they left today. So, it's just Price and me against the world until reinforcements arrive (in the form of Dad and Pat) next Saturday. It's a little after midnight and we had a good day! Pretty much a day of eating, sleeping, peeing (Price) and Mommy feeding, holding, walking, changing. It was pretty quiet around here after Hurricane Hardee rolled out this morning. they kept trying to convince me to go home with them, but for some reason I feel like for now, it's better that we stay here to get a routine established. I made a promise to myself and Price that if I cry everyday until dad and Pat show up, I will head to TX sooner than expected.

Tonight, however we had plans! I went to a function for spouses, and took Price with me. It was EXACTLY what I needed- to get out of the house and let other people know I was here with Don deployed and reconnect with "my people," other wives who have been in my shoes, they were all so kind and just about every one of them offered their support and told me to call if I needed anything. I also met two women about my age, one with a new baby and one with a baby on the way! We have tentative plans to get together on Saturday. I have also invited one other woman who I haven't officially met, so if this is a successful outing- I could actually make 3 AF friends. I am praying that it goes well. Because, while I love all my non-AF friends, and although they are super supportive, they just don't quite get this life that Don and I have chosen.

I have plans for Friday and most of Saturday, so Sunday is the first day I don't have anything to look forward to and will be the real test for me.

Well, it's late and I need to sleep while the little one lets me.


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