Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I am not sure that I'm cut out for world traveling.  I think that as long as I have a two year old, I will stick to visiting locations that do not require me to be on a plane for 16 hours or cross 22 million time zones or the international date line.  I am exhausted, but unable to sleep.  I'm happy to be back in the land of plenty, but overwhelmed by how much of everything there is.  I haven't even ventured into Target yet, for fear of not enjoying it.  We haven't been able to get back onto any kind of routine or schedule, unless you consider waking up daily at 4 am a routine and passing out before 9 at night a schedule.  Or maybe Price's new fondness for a 45 minute screamfest each night in bed, one that can only be ended by me sitting in his room and singing any song I can think of over and over again, until I he passes out is our new routine.  I miss my happy to go to bed baby, and hope we get it together soon!!!  I'm still completely discombobulated and couldn't tell you what time or day it is, just that I'm in Texas, and that the math to figure out what time it is in Guam seems harder in this direction.

Other than feeling upside down and somewhat untethered, things are good.  It's great sharing Price with his grandparents and other family members.  And he really is, despite feeling as upside down, untethered and exhausted as I am, really well behaved and having a good time (until bed time rolls around).  And I LOVE that his granpeeeps like taking him places without me so I can stay home and actually take a bath instead of a five minute shower and even use the bathroom all by myself.

Each day gets a little bit easier, I am not as cranky as I was the first couple of days and haven't fallen into a midday coma on the couch since, well I can't remember what today is, but it's been a few days...  We are staying busy and having a good time.

Well, it's 5 a,m,, I;ve been up for an hour.  Guess it's time for me to stay on routine and try to go back to sleep for a bit.

Incoherently yours,


Jennifer said...

I didn't know you went back to the real world! How long do you get to stay? SO JEALOUS!!! Good luck with Price. My friend spent the summer in IL and she said going THERE was way harder on her kids than it had been when they moved out HERE. So...maybe when you finally come back it'll be easier?

Shelly said...

I've missed you, my friend!!!!! Hope you have a fabulous visit and get the jetlag worked out. :) shoot me a line when you can. I don't care if it's incoherent. :)

Don said...

Daddy needs to come put him to bed :)

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