Wednesday, September 1, 2010

"Guamania... Sounds Like a Mental Condition"

Sorry I haven't been around in a while.  I've been enjoying the last few weeks of summer- participating in rainy 5ks, making marshmallows (yes, actual marshmallows, not s'mores, although I did use the marshmallows to make s'mores and well, who knew that snack could actually be improved upon?), taking advantage of having babysitters at my disposal, dealing with the ongoing saga of the Poo Poo Picasso, dodging lots of raindrops and puddles (the rainy season is definitely, for sure, back in full swing), and celebrating surviving one whole year in Guam!  Even though it always feels like summer here and I don't have a kid who goes to school, I had to soak up every ounce of summer vacation that was left, and I just didn't feel like spending that time on the computer.

I should be back to posting on a more regular schedule now that my mom and a few other folks have complained enough to shame me I've gotten the summer lazies pretty much out of my system.

The big news on Guam right now, other than there are only two working ambulances on the entire island (ok, this is not completely true, the military ambulances aren't included in this count), is that there is a BIG election coming up in November and the primaries are this weekend.  Signs are up everywhere for the candidates, and pretty much any time I go off base, I'm sure to pass a huge group of people standing on the side of the road waving a chanting for their candidate.  One of the people who is up for re-election is our Congressional Rep.  I don't know if anyone is even running against her, I do know that she wears suits all the time.  Even to the Liberation Day Parade, where it was approximately 400 million degrees and she had a suit and SCARF on and looked impeccable.  I on the other hand, had on as few clothes as possible, could have used a scarf to mop the buckets of sweat escaping from my body and any trace of makeup, deodorant, or impeccability I may or may not have had, vanished within five seconds of stepping outside.   Anyway, Stephen Colbert recently interviewed our Rep, Madeleine Bordallo.  And just like at the Liberation Day Parade, you never see her sweat!

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Jennifer said...

So glad you said they don't count the military ambulances. I saw that commercial the other day and started freaking out "what if scott cuts the baby's head off!" "what if my sections scar rips open and I die on my living room floor waiting for the ambulance and it's all the way in Yigo?!?!" So you made my day.
And what the HECK is up with this rain? I know I was complaining about my garden drying out, but this was NOT what I had in mind! I haven't seen the sun since Sunday! The rain comes right up out of the ground like on Forest Gump! I have swamp feet from wearing sneakers and socks! (Trying to look like I've been working out:) ) It's gross. How much longer is this going to last?

Terrell said...

November?? Just kidding. We got here this exact time of year last year and this same week last year was exactly like this. And then it went away and was pretty much just the unpredictable, out of no where downpours that always caught me as I walking to or from my car with an impatient child who couldn't walk on his own.

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