Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Palau- The Last Post, I Promise!

A blog that I really enjoy reading is Everyday Musings. I enjoy it because it's about food, travel, the South. The author also is something I am not (at least not in my blogging style), succinct. She posts lovely pictures and allows the pictures to pretty much speak for themselves. My style is more to paint the picture with words (many, many words) and any actual pictures I have are just icing.

I have a few pictures from Palau that I haven't shown yet, I am going to let them speak (mostly) for themselves.

1.  Welcome to Palau!
2.  Dive boat  
3.  Sailing with the dolphins
4.  I got us home safely in spite of driving on the wrong side of the car
5. & 6. The Jail
7.  Baby sea turtle at the rescue center
8. One of these is not like the others
9. Jefferson!  
10.  Floating with the jellyfish 
11.  Three cheers to a great trip!

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