Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Weather Outside delightful.   It just REALLY, REALLY doesn't feel like winter.  Last week, we had some rainy days.  It was so grey and dreary those days, I could almost fool myself into thinking it was a winter storm, not a tropical disturbance.  But then, I'd walk outside and it was as warm and humid as always.  So, even though I won't be wearing anything like this* on Guam any time soon....

I have gratitude for several things about our non-wintery Christmas:

1.  I am actually LOSING weight instead of gaining it like I normally do this time of year.  No baggy sweaters to hide my winter insulation.

2.  It's almost the middle of December and I'm still working on my tan!

3. The weather is really nice right now, especially after 3:00 each day- it's so cool.  The other night, once the sun went down and the wind picked up, I could have, almost, actually worn a very light weight sweater outside and have been comfortable.

4.  And I'm not really sure how this relates to it being non-wintery weather, but we have been graced with amazing rainbows the past 3 days. The pics below are of the same rainbow, just different vantage points.

In addition to our great weather, we also had an early visit from Santa this weekend.  On Saturday, the Med Group sponsored  a breakfast with Santa, who arrives by ambulance when visiting the Med Group kids and is accompanied by an elf in Birkenstocks because that's the elf footwear of choice here in Guam.

The food was great. Price had fun doing his drunken Frankenstein walk around the room wanting to play with all the big kids, and he seemed to enjoy meeting Santa.  At least, he didn't freak out...

*BTW, I created this outfit at  It is an AWESOME website that allows you to put together complete outfits- it is so much fun, it's like playing with paper dolls.  And all of the clothes are linked to stores where you can buy the stuff.  Now, if only they'd ship to Guam.  And no, I'm not getting anything by mentioning the website, I just know several of you who read this blog like to shop and this site is really fun to put looks together!


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