Friday, May 29, 2009


When Don returned to work on Tuesday, he had an email soliciting a volunteer in his career field to move to Guam for a 3 year assignment. He sent the email to me and my response was,

He knew I had no desire to uproot our lives and move to Guam (can you tell where this is going?). We didn't even discuss it on Tuesday when he came home, but as if I had a feeling, we talked about it briefly before falling asleep last night. I asked him if it was something he would really want to do and he said if he knew I was on board, yes. But knowing how I had no desire to move halfway across the world he said it wasn't something he was interested in. I then said, "Well, the deadline to volunteer has already passed so it doesn't matter anyway," and rolled over and went to sleep.

So, imagine my suprise when Don called as I was feeding Price lunch and asked, " Remember our talk about Guam?" And I knew without him saying anything, we would be heading to Guam. My instinct was correct! So, now our world is upside down with plans to make, parents/friends to alert. It's all soooo crazy- it doesn't even feel real! And it is apparently all going to happen very quickly!

This has taught me several things (or at least reminded me of them):
1. When you make plans, God and the USAF laugh!
2. My prayers need to be more specific- I have always wanted to live on a beach and I want Price to be a beach baby, but I always thought it would be Florida or the Carolinas, never did I imagine GUAM (even as I type it continuouosly, it still hasn't completely sunk in).
3. I am no longer going to say where I don't want to go next. I didn't want to come Ohio- here we are, I have told Don numerous times that Asia, and other places in that region of the world helpd no interest for me and they were too far and I didn't want to go- and guess where we are headed (however, I have loved our time in Ohio, so if Guam is even half as good we will be very blessed and enjoy our time there).


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