Thursday, May 28, 2009

Rain, rain go away

So, our little clan of 3 recently took a psuedo vacation to the land of Mickey Mouse. Don attended a conference while Price and I spent long, glorious days out by the pool enjoying the Florida sunshine. Oh wait, that was some body else's trip... Don attended a conference while Price and I hung out in our hotel room trying to stay out of the liquid sunshine that fell pretty much non-stop while we were in Florida. Yes, 6 days straight of rain. Everytime it looked like it might stop, we would head out to enjoy the break in the weather- only to have the skies open up. We sloshed around City Walk, Downtown Disney and SeaWorld. But it was ok, because we knew we'd be going back for our real Disney trip this fall.

However, what we didn't know that waiting for Don in his inbox was an email that would quickly change our plans...


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