Saturday, November 13, 2010

Happy Homecoming

I am happy to be back in Guam.  No, really, I am.  I am just not happy about the fact that it seems like all the boonie bees on the island have taken up residence around my house, which causes me to go on mad bee (don't worry they're really just very aggressive wasps) killing rampages.  For which I am then required to shoot large streams of toxic poison into the environment.  Only after my displays of violence do I get the pleasure of watching them drop dead from the hive, one by one.

I'm also happy to be back because the beach is at my beck and call.  And while I love to be surrounded by water when swimming in the ocean, I don't love it so much when it is dripping out of my cabinets.  I guess I should be (and when I think about it and don't need it as fodder for my blog, I truly am) happy that our typhoon water supply didn't start leaking until some recent day since we returned home.  But it sure was a delight this morning (in the midst of throwing away a freezer full of spoiled food, thanks to the compressor going out of the fridge) to walk into a raining laundry room.

The Culprits
Since this has happened on more than one occasion, I have decided to change our typhoon supply over to the more hardy bottles pictured below.
I wonder if three cases of beer is enough to last the recommended 7 days?
And as happy as I am to have funny stories to tell of all the creepy creatures that inhabit this island, I didn't miss how they just kind of jump out at you from no where.  They really do a good job of scaring the crud out of me.  Today alone, I have startled myself and a little gecko who had taken up residence in my umbrella.  And then there's this little guy,
He thinks it's fun to hop out from just about any place I am about to put my foot down.  Night or day, on the porch or in the yard.  He has given me no less than 4 heart attacks.  Especially last night, when I thought he was going to move into the house.

And finally, while I was completely overwhelmed by all of the grocery selections that I had back in the states, I didn't miss having to go all Laura Ingalls Wilder living in a Little House on the Prairie (or in my case a little cinder block box on an island) and feeling the need to buy a 25 pound sack of flour (even though I have no where to store it). I have lots of baking to do over the next month and a half and the commissary ran out of flour last year.  That may also explain the 6 boxes of butter in my refrigerator (according to Don, safe from having to be thrown out with the spoiled milk and eggs) and my never-ending quest to find some pumpkin.
Mommy flour and her baby
 But really, I am happy to be home.  We've returned in time to be greeted by pleasant trade winds, beautiful rainbows and a full calendar.  I've actually made some MAJOR progress on one of my goals, I'll share that with you soon.  But now, because all unexpected messes come in threes I have to go clean up after the Poo Poo Picasso (something else that I didn't miss while I was away, I guess it's back to duct taping).


Kat said...

You can never have enough beer! :) I have four cans of pumpkin in my household goods because I wasn't sure if I would be able to find it on the island. Too bad my household goods won't be on island until Nov 29th. I may just have to put a couple of cans in my many suitcases.

Terrell said...

If you like pumpkin, I recommend bringing as much as you can :) There are rumors that pumpkin is to be had down at Navy, but I haven't made it down there yet to see for myself. I only bought two cans last year and wish I had bought 12!

And don't feel bad about a lot of suitcases, we had 16.

Pamela said...

Welcome home! Good to know about the flour, and they do, indeed have a couple small flats of pumpkin at big navy. I picked up 5-perhaps I should go back for some more!

SDGMitchell said...

I survived a typhoon when I was an infant on Guam! Apparently we lived in a hallway for quite a while. I think there was no power for 14 days. Hopefully if you have to go through one then you have enough beer to just block out the entire thing! I hope you had a good visiut back to the states. When you go to Navy please take some pics for me. Some day I hope to get back there!

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