Sunday, August 8, 2010

My Boys

The other day, as I was walking into the Commissary, eyes starting to glaze over as they typically do right before I cross the threshold into the world of "who knows what waits for me on the shelves today,"  a poster grabbed my attention.  The Men of My Boys Comedy Tour was headed here, to Guam, to our very own Air Force Base.  I was so excited by this news that I almost didn't even care that I ended up standing on line for almost an hour waiting to check out...  I digress...

Don and I have watched My Boys since it debuted in 2006.  It is one of a handful of shows that we actually agree on. The writing is good, the humor is smart, the cast has good chemistry.  So, when I told him that two of the guys from the show were coming here, to Guam, he was as excited as I was and we made plans to go.

The show was last night and it was great!!  Michael Bunin, who plays Kenny, and Jamie Kaler, who plays Mike, each did a set.  Each of their routines touched on aging, being single and drinking.  And since I'm not a comedic writer, I won't try to retell any of their jokes- plus they weren't really of the knock-knock, who's there variety, but let me tell you- there were tears, lots of tears from laughing so hard.

After last night, we are going to be even bigger fans of My Boys.  You know, now that we're friends with two of the stars.  Friends?  Oh yeah, did I not mention that after the show, we got to meet the guys?  They were so nice to stick around and visit with everyone.  We got autographs (ok, I got the autographs, I forgot to tell them Don's name, so they only signed for me.  They had fun trying to figure out how to spell my name and gave me a hard time about it)

Then, they were kind enough to take a picture with us (from left to right- Michael Bunin, Don, me and my extra chin, and Jamie Kaler).

Ok, so I have known this about myself FOREVER , I am REALLY, REALLY bad at making small talk, (in fact, when I am asked, "If you could have any super power, what would it be? I always reply, "small talk").  Apparently, I become even more tongue tied and less amusing when I am around someone who is slightly famous and stars on a tv show.  Even with a a few drinks in my system, I can't make witty repartee (although of course the minute I walk away, I am cracking myself up with all the witty dialogue I could have just exchanged).   I don't think I completely made an ass out of myself (too much, except for when I went into tooo much detail about my name- I just have DORK stamped on my forehead), but boy am I envious of people who have the ability to talk to anyone about anything at anytime and make it look so effortless!

Thanks to the guys for coming to Guam and thanks to the USO for bringing them here!
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